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Havana Club Union

Price per item: 1080.00
Characteristics: 40 % alc.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: Club Unión distinguishes itself by an impressively deep amber glow as testimony to its long natural aging.
Nose: The rich aroma of the liquid balances oak and smoke with subtle tones of citrus, coconut, dried fruits and coffee.
Palate: Softly woody on the palate, Unión is accented with sweet vanilla, chocolate and dried fruit flavours.
Finish: A very rich aromatic finish.
Perfect serve:
Havana Club Union is best enjoyed by rum connoisseurs as a slow-sipping rum, neat or on the rocks. For the ultimate tasting experience, it is best paired with the Cohiba Siglo VI cigar.

Havana Club, the leading rum in the super-premium and above category*, has announced the launch of Havana Club Unión, the first-ever rum made to perfectly match a Cuban cigar, the Cohiba Siglo VI. The new expression is the latest prestige product in the Havana Club Icónica Collection and will appeal to rum and cigar connoisseurs seeking to experience true Cuban culture.

The launch marks a collaboration between two of the industries’ most passionate characters, Havana Club’s Maestro Ronero, Asbel Morales, and Cuba’s most renowned Cigar sommelier, Fernando Fernández. Together they have crafted the perfect blend of Cuban heritage, tradition and know-how. Asbel Morales has been inspired by the process of how tobacco leaves are aged, blended and matured, to create Havana Club Unión.