How to store Havana cigars?

Cuban cigars can be stored for a long time and, like wines, the more they mature, the more they develop their qualities. This is only provided that all requirements are met so that they do not dry out and are not damaged.

The ideal humidor is a "walk-in" room entirely dedicated to the storage of cigars, in which the temperature and humidity are electronically controlled.

These can be found in specialty cigar shops such as those belonging to the global boutique chain "La Casa del Habano", Cohiba Atmosphere and in most Premium Cigars&Tobacco stores, where all cigars are kept in optimal conditions according to established standards.

For the convenience of its customers, Kaliman Caribe offers Locker service. These are special compartments in the walk-in humidors of Cohiba Atmosphere and La Casa del Habano Intercontinental, providing quality storage of the cigars in the best conditions and professional care.

Of course, for personal use, the industry offers humidors for everyone's home or office. These can be boxes or cabinets with drawers, specially designed to retain moisture. The investment definitely pays off because it provides peace of mind for the quality of your favorite habano on hand.

The common alternative to storing cigars in the refrigerator is not recommended because refrigerators would dry the cigars out and there is a high possibility that cigars will absorb odors.

We recommend the following instructions for proper cigar storage in a humidor:

For proper storage of cigars it is necessary to ensure that the humidity in the cabinet varies between 65 to 75%.

Pour only distilled water into the humidifier, otherwise there is a risk of cigar fungus caused by ordinary water containing microorganisms.

If the humidity rises more than 80%, leave the humidor door open for a while, 15-30 minutes, to normalize the usual figures.

Initially, moisten the sponge abundantly, as the wood on the humidor absorbs moisture for several days. Allow the sponge to be constantly moist.

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