BrandBolivar Vitola Sobresalientes Length 153 mm Ring 53 ring Strength Medium to full Time 70 min
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Since its launch in 2011, the regional cigar edition Bolivar 681 for Bulgaria has already passed 8 years of maturation. This allows it to be categorized as Vintage. Aged cigars are kept under strict control and, over time, have a smoother structure, extra softness and even more pleasant taste, retaining the characteristic features of Bolivar. Quantities are limited and attract every true connoisseur of Cuban cigars.


It existed only in the period between the 1960s and the 1990s of the XXth century as a part of the Partagas brand portfolio and has been restored to life in 2006 in the form of the original replica Humidor Antiguo Partagas, only 200 boxes to cover the entire world market. Its name ‘sobresaliente’ means "exquisite, outstanding". 

- designed exclusively for the Bulgarian market, featuring one of the rarest formats in the world 
– a limited edition of 2,500 boxes 
– a box printed with the traditional lithographic stamp of BOLIVAR, as well as an additional band indicating that this is “Regional edition Bulgaria” 
– numbered boxes with numbers from 0001 to 2500 
– an additional ring Exclusivo Bulgaria 
– 10 pieces in a box.

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