BrandPartagas Vitola Salomon Length 184 mm Ring 57 ring Strength Full Time 80 min
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Designed especially for La Casa del Habano, an unconventional format: Salomon. This size recreates the style of cigars that existed in the XIX century, when tapered at both ends cigars have been the latest thing. It is believed that the layout of both ends of the cigar is a masterpiece in the field of cigars making because only the best, experienced and masterly torsedors have been entitled to manufacture such formats. Partagas Salomon is the only vitola that managed to force its way from mass production to a regional edition to a specialised edition. German habanos experts have been the first who were brave enough to order large quantities of this cigar, exclusively for the German market, in 1995. Only in 2003 Habanos decided to offer such geographical limitades to other large national distributors in an attempt to treat all markets equally. Thus, the incredible phenomenon of the regional edition came to life, while Bulgaria is to enjoy two of them in the next year! We, cigar aficionados of the greatest world cigars are partially in debt to Salomones for such a remarkable success.


Length 180 mm Ring 49 ring
Hoyo de Monterrey Escogidos
31,00 BGN  
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San Cristobal Prado
21,00 BGN