BrandHoyo de Monterrey Vitola Petit Corona Length 129 mm Ring 42 ring Strength Light to medium Time 50 min
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Another cigar, which confirms that the Hoyo de Monterrey is one of the most popular brands here. Coronation expected to intensify competition in the medium formats and fights Romeo N2, Punch Coronation and H. Upmann Corona Mayor in the battle for the most popular cigar in Bulgaria. Hoyo de Monterrey Coronation is presented to us in its new vision - the traditional white tubos that replaces obsolete, outmoded gray cans. This vitola is characterized by traditional brand fragrances. Burns with a fine gray ash, which is evidence for the quality of the tobacco. Starts lightly and never becomes strong, haunting and engaging. Almost no tar could be felt which delivers even greater pleasure to the smoker. Suitable for both beginners and advanced aficionados, the great thing about it is that the extra aging in a humidor is not mandatory. Available in packs of three pieces, which in combination with the tubos makes Hoyo de Monterrey Coronation great option for a gift or a travel companion.


Length 110 mm Ring 38 ring
Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo Du Depute
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