BrandPartagas Vitola Crema Length 140 mm Ring 40 mm Strength Medium Time 60 min
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This proud and tempting vitola that is positioned in the most liked by novice smokers format, Cream, captivates through an incredible texture, full of chlorophyll spray that tend to be favourite to many smokers. Smoke is expressive and static at the same time, which would make a decent painting by an artist who is a master of still life. Scents of cedar and aged tropical wood conquer not only the smoker by also bystanders. The flavour of this truly luxurious cigar is a pleasing surprise for fans of the format, but is also offers a challenging tasting upgrade to the taste of Partagas. The smoker can hardly believe, between the second and third part, that such an intense and rich aroma is coming from a small Cream. The end culminates in hints of nuts, leather and a smell of friable and fertile Cuban soil: a sense of soil, which managed to grow generations of human beings.


Length 110 mm Ring 42 mm
Partagas Short
13,00 BGN