BrandPartagas Vitola Prominente Length 194 mm Ring 49 ring Strength Full Time 80 min
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Lusitania is one of the most famous and beloved vitolas worldwide. It is a great honour for any collector to own one of the most legendary cigars in history, arguably the best Prominente. It will make you flirt, dance, relax and then repeat the process again and again, without feeling tired or tense. Besides its three distinct tasting parts, Lusitania will dominate, enjoy and fascinate you for a period of over an hour. Soft and floral beginning, the first third leaves the smoker with a sense of tropical paradise and wet soil. Exotic fruits like nectar pour on the amber body of Lusitania. Since the sheathed with light cream beginning and around the middle, the cigar evidently demonstrates its nature and culminates in chilli, tobacco and soil hints.


Length 110 mm Ring 42 ring
Partagas Short
13,00 BGN  
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