BrandPunch Vitola Petit Corona Length 129 mm Ring 42 ring Strength Medium to full Time 50 min
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The wrapping leaf in Colorado claro color is soft in touching and features the perfect texture of the tobacco leaf, arranged and symmetrical. Mareva means a small Crown, but that is irrelevant to the time needed to smoke the ‘royal family member’ of Punch. This cigar can burn uninterruptedly for 55 minutes If it is not ‘forced’! Coronation is a great choice for a broad audience due to its light and flower temper and suitable format. The beginning is sugary and intensely floral, while the initial feeling is of a fresh mown grass as well as of burning fresh wood. Soil flavours in the second part of the cigar transform into tobacco/cedar. And then follow flavours of roasted nuts, coffee, citrus fruits, milk chocolate, culminating in a large-Havana-cigar style: explosively, eccentric and rich in taste.