BrandPunch Vitola Corona Gorda Length 143 mm Ring 46 ring Strength Medium Time 60 min
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It is a complex cigar that causes a strong taste of tobacco, combined with light flavour of spices, in spite of its not that large format. Punch Punch is on the Bulgarian market once again, following its shelving for almost two years. Now, it is sporting a new “costume” – a dark green tube, completing this splendid vitola. It burns smoothly from the beginning to the end, producing balanced constant smoke and grey ash. This cigar is appropriate for a night’s finale or for a tempestuous start of the night party. The first degustation of this vitola will provoke one’s feelings. In addition, one would have the feeling, in spite of his past experience, that he is taking a Havana cigar for the very first time. Such a feeling occurs due to fact that this promising and elite habano holds numerous surprises. The sweet and honeyed flavour in the beginning, which reappears at the end of the cigar, is part of its unusual taste. A cigar to mark special occasions!