BrandRafael Gonzalez Vitola Perla Length 102 mm Ring 40 ring Strength Medium Time 30 min
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As soon as one casts an eye over the Perla gallery certainly nostalgia overwhelms us. There is hardly afisionado that at some point and in some occasion not to be touched by a quick and fascinating format. The bold "Monte 5" or the universal seducer Trinidad Reyes were the magic words to ajar the door of Cuban cigar paradise for many fans. 
Perhaps driven by similar emotions, the creators of the brand were inspired to create at the end of 2012 vitola Perla in a not very known brand. This is Rafael Gonzalez, which is not presented in many markets, but its place in Bulgaria is guaranteed since 2009. With tobacco from Vuelta Abajo, two-stage fermentation and long filler, this jewel answer the most expectations at an affordable price. Suitable for beginner smokers, ladies, a great companion to the afternoon break and most suitable for daily smoking. 


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