Kaliman Caribe is proud with its new Logistics Hub in Sofia

On an area of more than 6000 sq.m with office parts and warehouses, the new Logistics Hub Kaliman stores the products from the activities of the Group companies under one hat.

The building on 578 Slivnitsa Boulevard is just minutes away from the city center, the airport and the main thoroughfares. It is built and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and meets all EU requirements and standards.

Serves three types of warehouse protocols:

- Custom bounded warehouse - is only for packed products from the following categories: tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, accessories, etc .;

- Tax warehouse - intended for storing excise packaged goods

- Public warehouse - stores goods already released from custom bounded and tax warehouses in packaged form.

The rooms are centrally controlled for temperature and humidity. 24-hour security and access control are maintained.

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