La Casa del Habano and Premium Cigars&Tobacco consultants successfully passed the Habanos Academy Junior

Kaliman Caribe held in-house training within the educational program Habanos Academy. The students have consolidated their knowledge of the origin and the culture of the Habanos cigars and successfully passed the Junior level.

The attendees received in-depth knowledge and tracked the process of cigar making, the art of torcedors, formats and types of cigars, as well as current special editions. Undoubtedly the most interesting and attractive moment was the cigar ignition and ritual Habanos. For the good mood of all helped the special tasting of selected wines in combination with a cigar. Among the beverages were several wines paired amazingly with the crown jewel - H.Upmann Half Corona. That is how the basic of Habanossommelier understanding was set.

The Habanos Academy is a traditional activity in the Kaliman Caribe, which aims to disseminate the culture of Habanos around the countries that the company operates in, as well as to maintain and develop the professionalism of its employees within the structure of boutiques. All consultants take part in the two levels of the academy: junior and senior. Besides Bulgaria, academies are also held in Albania, Armenia, Kosovo and Macedonia, which are part of the countries where Kaliman Caribe is an exclusive distributor of Habanos.

Habanos Academy is expected to be available to end clients too who want to dive deep into the world of Habanos cigars with some extra knowledge and understanding.