Master torcedor visits Bulgaria

The traditional visit for all keen cigar enthusiasts has come. Annual demonstrations are now on to unveil the art of making the Havana cigars. Under the spotlight stands Yonaidis del Carmen, a master torcedor from Cuba.

She will show her skills at Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia, La Casa del Habano and Premium Cigars & Tobacco in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania and Armenia, courtesy of Kaliman Caribe.

The Master torcedor is ranked 9th grade and works at the La Corona factory in Havana. She is spreading authentic Cuban charm and pleasing Habanos fans with her work for more then 15 years now. The 2 lines from Cohiba - Behike and Maduro are her perfect act. After her visits at 3 countries in the Middle East, Bulgaria is the first one she arrives to in Europe.

Visiting program of Yonaidis del Carmen:


Bulgaria, Sofia

23-25 September ​​- La Casa del Habano Intercontinental

26-28 September - Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia

2-3 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Paradise Center

4-5 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco The Mall

9 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Ring Mall

10 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Park Center

11-12 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Bulgaria Mall

14-15 October - La Casa del Habano Mall Sofia

16-17 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Serdika Center


Bulgaria, Plovdiv

21-22 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Otets Paisiy

23 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Grand Hotel Plovdiv

24-25 October - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Mall Plovdiv


Armenia, Yerevan

28-31 October - La Casa del Habano Yerevan


Bulgaria, Sofia

8 November - Vinopoly Dragalevtsi

9 November - Vinopoly Boyana


North Macedonia, Skopje

11 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Dame Gruev

12-13 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco T.Gologanov


Albania, Tirana

15 November - La Casa del Habano Tirana


Bulgaria, Stara Zagora

21 November - Premium Cigars & Tobacco Stara Zagora


Bulgaria, Burgas

22-23 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Burgas Plaza Mall

24-25 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Galeria Mall Burgas


Bulgaria, Varna

26-27 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Grand Mall Varna

28-29 November - Premium Cigars&Tobacco Delta Mall

30 November - Vinopoly Mall Varna


* Yonaidis del Carmen's demonstrations are in the hour range 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

* * Cigars are not for sale.