Master torcedor from Cuba with cigar rolling demonstrations

Kaliman Caribe invited as a guest of honor Anayansi Rossaux torcedor in Bulgaria. She will make cigar rolling demonstrations at La Casa del Habano, Premium Cigars & Tobacco and Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia.

Anayansi is here to impress dedicated aficionados directly from H. Upmann factory in Cuba. She had more than 25 years professional experience with 9-th grade master skills.

We invite all habanos enthusiasts to join the demonstrations in the choosen boutiques according to the following program:


08 - 10 June: La Casa del Habano Intercontinental

13 - 15 June: Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia

20 - 21 June: Bulgaria Mall Premium Cigars & Tobacco

22 - 23 June: Serdika Center Premium Cigars & Tobacco

24 - 25 June: Paradise Center Premium Cigars & Tobacco

27 - 28 June: La Casa del Habano Mall of Sofia

29 June: Vinopoly The Mall

30 June: Vinopoly Dragalevtsi

1 July: Vinopoly Boyana


11 July: Premium Cigars & Tobacco 24 Otets Paisiy Str.

12 July: Premium Cigars & Tobacco Mall Plovdiv


Yerevan, Armenia

18 - 20 July: La Casa del Habano Yerevan 


Tirana, Albania

26 - 27 July: La Casa del Habano Albania


Scopje, North Macedonia

28 July: Premium Cigars&Tobacco Dame Gruev 7

29 July: Premium Cigars&Tobacco Teodosi Gologanov 75


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