МаркаPartagas Витола Piramide Дължина 156 мм Ринг 52 ринг Сила Силна Време 80 мин.
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It is among the most successful cigars in the Partagas collection. This elegant pyramid has been voted a cigar of 2005 at the Paris Exhibition and best cigar by the elite Spanish habanos society Epicurus Club shortly after its release by no mistake. The novelty of 2008 is the interdiction of an elegant black tubos, which made Serie P N2 a pioneer. It is a strong cigar that bears a personality and the brand-typical spicy and earth hints. A typical Partagas, strong, captivating and earthy, this habano impresses even those experts who prefer other brands of Habana cigars. It provides 40 minutes of power, fire and passion, while the finale is somewhat unimpressive, while still impressive enough to suggest this is the completing, last and culminating cigar of the particular evening. It is a strong cigar suitable for men who look to get the maximum possible from their cigar, as well as for women of character.

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