How to smoke a cigar?

True to the principle "If you enjoy it, then you are doing it right", the following are basic recommendations for smoking a cigar. A cigar should be smoked slowly and with pleasure. It should not be inhaled, as is the case with other tobacco products. It is pulled carefully and the smoke is left in the mouth to feel the rich tastes through the palate.

One should be relaxed and try to preserve the feeling of the mix of flavors and aromas of the tobacco blend. If the cigar goes out, it is not a problem to resume with a new lighting, as the residual ash must first be removed.

The cigar can be smoked with pleasure up to at least ¾ of its length. The ashes and what will happen to it should not be a matter of concern. When smoking a cigar, it is not customary to shake the ashes like a cigarette, but to let them fall into the ashtray alone. After the tasting, the cigar is not "put out" in the ashtray, but is left to burn with dignity by itself.

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