BrandCohiba Vitola Laguito N4 Length 119 mm Ring 52 ring Strength Full Time 90 min
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Cohiba’s Behike line has been introduced in the mid-2010. Since then, the whole world has been talking about Behike. It is made of the incredible “medio tiempo” leaf, a thin double leaf located at the highest point of the tobacco stalk. It is quite rare for medio tiempo to knit, thus the emergence of these fine leaves depends exclusively on the care and attention of farmers. This most delicate leaf is vulnerable to even the slightest climate changes. Thanks to the position of these leaves, medio tiempo concentrates in itself great strength and aroma. The new vitolas are produced during every annual yield crop, but in extremely limited quantities because of the natural scarcity of the medio tiempo leaves. 

Vitola BHK 52 is able to surprise smokers not only with its unique format, but also with a balance and intensity that are typical for Cohiba’s best line ever made.


Length 166 mm Ring 56 ring
Cohiba Behike BHK 56
145,00 BGN  
Length 144 mm Ring 54 ring
Cohiba Behike BHK 54
135,00 BGN