BrandCohiba Vitola Corona Grande Length 155 mm Ring 42 ring Strength Medium Time 60 min
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This is one of “sweetest” representative of Cohiba. That is the reason why the perfect combinations in regards to this vitola is a cup of flavoured alcohol with a lasting taste. An analogous to Corona Especial, but in the Series of the Centuries line, Siglo III is large and thin, a “grande” crown, i.e. one of most tasting vitolas in the respective portfolio of the line. And this results in clearly expressed thirds, each of which excels and surprises the previous ones. This is also the first format of the 1492 line, which demonstrates a decreasing intensity and strength of taste after reaching the degustation half – it is a trademark of the famous among aficionados Cohiba’s light line.


Length 102 mm Ring 40 ring
Cohiba Siglo I
22,00 BGN