BrandPartagas Vitola Robusto Length 124 mm Ring 50 ring Strength Full Time 70 min
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If you insist that your cigar should stand out through strength and power, Partagas Serie D N4 is your solution. A perfect Robusto that grabs through cedar and earth nuances that are traditionally characterising the brand. A quick, dominant and peppery vitola whose strength will require all your senses to be on alert if you wish it to grab you. Besides being one of the best selling Cuban cigars, this is the only Partagas that unveiled a Reserve, in the form of a limited box of 5,000 pieces to cover the entire world market. Of course, getting a reserve of your favourite cigar is like turning your car into a beautiful retro-style automobile using a magic wand. The wonderful cover leave that is darker in colour than usual is among the factors behind the unprecedented success of this fascinating Robusto. A cigar that tops different lists and is the favourite cigar of many celebrities worldwide.

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