BrandPartagas Vitola Petit Robustos Length 110 mm Ring 50 mm Strength Medium Time 60 min
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After the launch of the EL 2008 Partagas Serie D N5 many were quick to predict that this cigar will come out of the boundaries of the limited edition and will continue to delight their true fans. This has not only come true, but the interest in this little cigar gem on the globe, and in Bulgaria too, got far beyond the wildest expectations. This "baby" of Partagas grew to maturity, but still remains at the size of that little overwhelming temptation, that made many to fall in love with. Partagas Serie D N5 is definitely your choice if you go for a coffee with a friend or if you have about 30 minutes to indulge your passion for Cuban cigars. Definitely not inferior in strength to the most representative like Partagas Serie D N4, but at the same time reveals a deep richness of flavors inherent to the brand.