BrandQuintero Vitola Concha 2 Length 115 mm Ring 50 ring Strength Medium Time 40 min
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Quintero cigars are totally hand made and characterized by the fact that all vitolas under this name are short filler. This makes their value very attractive. Adding to that the strong tobacco leading flavor and versatile flavor intensity, an affordable brand with wide popularity is obtained, especially in Spain. The last mentioned is valid for Jose L. Piedra as well, which is particularly prevalent in the Iberian Peninsula because of its universality and earthy, tobacco, authentic taste.
Quintero Favoritos is no exception to the range of the brand that can be found in few markets worldwide. It is only the second vitola under this name for Bulgaria. The novelty is in the specific format - Concha N2. It is specifically designed to succeed Concha N1 (113 mm x rinng 38) - one of the emblems of the brand after the Revolution, unavailable for half a century. The format is unique and implies a concept of Petit Robusto format, but with 5 mm more fun. And when it comes to earthy and persistent flavors, the appearance of a larger ring could be awaited and often hopes for this warrant.

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