BrandQuintero Vitola Vegueritos Length 127 mm Ring 36 ring Strength Medium Time 30 min
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If there is too little information about this brand, however, is certain to be one of the few born outside the capital of Cuba. It is assumed that this happened in the period 1924 - 1940. in Cienfuegos Province in the western part of the island, called Pearl of the South. Its creator is a traditional landowner Hispanic Augustine Quintero, who chooses for his seat the emblematic city which also bears the name Cienfuegos. The brand is named "Quintero and his brother" and at the original lithograph can be seen the two Quinteros (landlords), busy with the “personal and careful selection of tobacco leaves from the region of Remedios”, as advertising the brand of those years. After the Revolution, however, the area of Remedios, which is near Cienfuegos, began producing of tobacco only for the cigarette industry, and cigars of local importance. All cigars for export are made from Semi Vuelta and the already the fourth decade worldknown Vuelta Abajo. This happened with Quintero and noted at the new lithography preserved. Quintero cigars are totally by hand, and are distinguished by the fact that all vitolas under this name have short filler. This makes it possible the value of this habanos cigars to be extremely attractive. Adding the strong tobacco leading flavor and universal intensity of the aroma is obtained an accessible brand with a wide popularity, particularly in Spain. The last two characteristics are valid for Jose L. Piedra, which are particularly prevalent in the Iberian Peninsula because of its general accessibility and earthy, tobacco, authentic taste. Positioned as a multilocal brand or one that can be found in most markets, Quintero is only available in Spain, Benelux, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Russia, Andorra, the Caribbean, Canada and some countries of Latin America, China and Middle East. Among this small list now Bulgaria is included, which is a recognition for the Bulgarian afisionado. Although a few millimeters shorter than the other new representative on theBulgarian market – Fonseca KDT Cadetes, this vitola is also classified in the general sense as a short Panetela. Although entirely unknown under that name, more experienced afisionados will unmistakably recognize this gallery at Por Larranaga Panetelas and Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra. With its very attractive price, pure tobacco taste and suitable for every situation and a wide range of drinks and snacks format, this vitola is particularly attractive for southern countries with traditional tobacco culture. Its wide distribution in Spain and Italy is a proof of that. The cigar is great for a debut, or daily consumption, with the morning coffee, till the first drink for the evening. Other representatives of the Gallery: La Flor de Cano Preferidos, Por Larranaga Panetelas, Rafael Gonzalez Panetelas Extra, La Flor del Caney Bouquet Finos, La Flor del Caney Delgados, Cifuentes Vegueritos