BrandRafael Gonzalez Vitola Short Panetelas Length 127 mm Ring 36 ring Strength Light Time 40 min
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Rafael Gonzales was established in 1936.
This very brand first released on the market the Cervantes gallery (165mm and 42 size), bearing the name Lonsdale in the beginning. It has been named after lord Lonsdale, a famous English count (sports fan) and cigar connoisseur. On the cover of each box a very interesting writing is inscribed in English, saying it is recommended to smoke the cigars within a month after they have arrived from Cuba, otherwise they must be stored with great care for a year. 

It is a light cigar, a great start for those who try Cuban cigars for the first time. Panetela Extra features intense sweet and wood hints, making it suitable for ladies. Combine it with a light cocktail drink or a non-alcoholic beverage to feel its true nature.

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