BrandVegas Robaina Vitola Piramide Length 156 mm Ring 52 mm Strength Medium to full Time 70 min
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It is continuously characterized by a decent permeability and light gray ash. At the finale, it hints at its true potential, providing a sense of uniqueness. A tan wrapping leaf can be considered an extra, while it has been selected specifically for the brand. The wrapping leaf of this magnificent pyramid is one of the most vibrant and beautiful within the entire range of Havana cigars. All these fibres are pampering caressing you, while the end is a flat pattern resembling the dress fold of a Dutch noblewoman. Its eye pleasing qualities aside, it provides a fine and delicate finale, soft and smooth as silk. The finale is typical of the brand, not pushy, providing an ending that is enriched by the cumulative effect of the previous two thirds of the cigar. One should add a feeling of fullness, of course. It is suitable for a last, completing cigar.