BrandMontecristo Vitola Edmundo Length 135 mm Ring 52 ring Strength Medium to full Time 60 min
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A perfect combination of the “mañana” leaves of the typical green colour that originate from the lower part of the plant with the traditional for Havana cigars medium-sized wrapping leaves is an experiment worth trying. As expected, the beginning is slightly sweet and bitter. The surprisingly light flammability is just charming, while the middle of the cigar affords an opportunity to taste its slightly salty flavour with strong accents of matured tobacco. Well balanced, the third stage reveals a bouquet of aromas whose richness and completeness are rarely found in any cigar. This vitola has enjoyed a remarkable success following its release in 2004. For the connoisseurs: Look for batches of greener wrapping leaf, they make a better combination with the main ingredient – the “mañana” leaves, Edmundo’s trademark.