BrandMontecristo Vitola Mareva Length 129 mm Ring 42 ring Strength Medium Time 50 min
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It has been the ever present habano in the hand of Cuban nightingale Comp Segundo, and Montecristo N4 is the right choice for those willing to taste the best selling cigar in the world. Although it is not light, this cigar is a preferred starting point for many smokers. The versatility of tastes and flavours makes it a favourite choice of a wide audience of fans. It is perfect both for an afternoon drink and an evening’s finale as a last, completing cigar. It is versatile also in terms of its ability to combine with different drinks. The first profound reserve (harvest 2002) has been exactly a matured variation of Montecristo N4, which is another proof of its outstanding success. It is a cigar of personality, but also of diplomacy – the perfect description of a good companion.



Length 192 mm Ring 38 ring
33,00 BGN  
Length 152 mm Ring 38 ring
Montecristo Especial No 2
26,00 BGN  
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