BrandMontecristo Vitola Trabucos Length 110 mm Ring 38 ring Strength Medium Time 50 min
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The smallest format of the new Montecristo lines follows recent trends for a quick degustation of a habanos short. It is like a quick alcoholic dring, but of cigars, if such a description is deemed appropriate. A quick, but intentense taste, its is a deserved award for the hurried urban smoker. Rumours are that the best selling Montecristo N5 is to give up before this new internal competitor, however this frontrunner have to still prove its qualities to oust the leader in small formats category - Monte's fifth. In addition, the two vitolas are slightly different in shape: Junior is nearly one cm longer that N5, but it is slightly thinner. This will certainly attract the ladies to this small but invested with hopes Habano. It is suitable for novice smokers as well as for smokers looking for something non-engaging and easy-going.


Length 135 mm Ring 46 ring
Montecristo Open Regata Tubos
23,50 BGN