BrandMontecristo Vitola Robusto Length 124 mm Ring 50 ring Strength Medium Time 60 min
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The king of the formats, the master of masters, Robusto is the unit in the portfolio of all and every brand that everybody expects to find within the respective brand portfolio. Its length of 124mm and a ring of 50 characterise the most representative format of every brand, and is always considered the leading contender within a brand. Adding that Montecristo Edicion Limitada 2006, a marvellous Robusto, has been and is to remain one of the most widely liked cigars of all time, the Montecristo Master is obliged to meet the highest possible expectations. Whether it raise to those expectations and whether it is the best fit for outdoor sports fans, is yet to be seen. We turn to the Bulgarian Habanos fan with the hope that he will be patient enough to assess this cigar following at least a few months of further maturing, for the Montecristo Open vitolas are still too young after they hit the market only recently.


Length 135 mm Ring 46 ring
Montecristo Open Regata Tubos
23,50 BGN