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The XXth Habanos Festival showed the best of Habanos in 2018
March 15, 2018

In 2017 Habanos s.a. reported 12% growth in sales

There are 144 Casa del Habano boutiques worldwide and 5 of them Kaliman Caribe manages within Bulgaria, Armenia and Albania; as well as 14 Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia being one of the top licensed Habanos representatives of the 14 in total around the globe

„Kaliman Caribe“ officially opened Cohiba Atmosphere Sofia under the license of Habanos S.A.
December 21, 2017

Cohiba Atmosphere under the Habanos S.A. license is a unique concept that offers a truly exclusive experience in an elite atmosphere and the finest Habanos masterpieces. Worldwide, by 2017, the opening of the club in Sofia is the 13th representation of the chain and the third for Europe.

Quai d`Orsey with a debut launching in Bulgaria - from Havana to France … and around the world
December 8, 2017

"Kaliman Caribe" presented for the first time in Bulgaria the brand Quai Dorsay on the traditional annual event Habanos Night in Sofia.

The special premiere took place in an elite metropolitan club, where over 400 guests enjoyed the masterpieces of Habanos. For the good mood of the attendants care was taken by the famous pop singer Lyubo Kirov and the dancers from Pambos Dance Center.


Havana Club Union
Price: 1080,00 BGN
Cohiba Medio Siglo
Price: 35,00 BGN
Trinidad Topes EL 2016
Price: 40,00 BGN

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Sheraton Hotel
Sheshi Italia
Mall of Sheraton, ground floor, B13 
М. +355 684 09 32 51 
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