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Thanks to a long tradition and proven high quality French workmanship, Elie Bleu is world famous for its cigar cases, tuxedo accessories, watch and jewelry boxes, games and pens.

Absolute luxury. Few people know that the happy owners of Falcon are offered an Elie Bleu umbrella made of the same wood as the interior of their plane? Or that special orders are used as diplomatic gifts from the Elysee Palace.

"There are a lot of influential people around the world among our clients," explains Laurent Fuchs, managing director of Elie Bleu, with a smile. "When Nicolas Sarkozy went to Brazil to meet with President Lula, what did he take as a gift? Cigar box Elie Bleu. The same goes for Pope Benedict XVI, who received Pascal's "Pensées" from the Elysee Palace in a small Elie Bleu box. Michelle Obama, for her part, has a box of honey by Elie Bleu of Versailles. "

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