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VegaFina is considered as one of the world’s best ranges of premium cigars.VegaFina takes its name from the “Vegas Finas” (fine plains), the special lands where the sunshine, moisture and soil composition combine just right to grow the most select tobacco leaves for making cigars. Its excellence is the result of a combination of the best tobaccos and a long, careful process enriched by a centuries-old tradition of cigar craftsmanship.Entirely hand-made in Tabacalera de García, the greatest premium cigar factory in the world, VegaFina Classic cigars show a mild flavour, wooden, with notes of pepper, almonds and coffee. A refined tobacco blend, dressed in a light brown Connecticut Ecuador wrapper, subtle and shiny. VegaFina is available in a wide portfolio offer, with a modern design and a premium image.

Blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Colombian tobaccos, with Connecticut Ecuador wrapper.

Length 146 mm Ring 43 ring
Vegafina Corona
7,00 BGN  
Length 102 mm Ring 40 ring
Vegafina Perla
5,00 BGN  
Length 127 mm Ring 50 ring
Vegafina Robusto
8,50 BGN  
Length 105 mm Ring 50 ring
Vegafina Short Robusto
7,00 BGN  
Length 105 mm Ring 50 ring
Vegafina Short Robusto Tubos
8,00 BGN  
Length 133 mm Ring 42 ring
Vegafina Coronitas
6,50 BGN  
Length 100 mm Ring 30 ring
Vegafina Minutos
4,00 BGN  
Length 127 mm Ring 50 ring
Vegafina Robusto Tubos
10,00 BGN  
Length 89 mm Ring 46 ring
Vegafina Half Corona EL 2013
6,00 BGN  
Length 146 mm Ring 54 ring
Vegafina Classic Grand Reserva 20 Aniversario Pigtail LE
18,00 BGN  
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