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Guantanamera – Fiesta time

The first Cuban brand of the 21st century was inspired by the island's traditional music and fiestas. Guantanamera takes its name from the famous Cuban song composed by Joseíto Fernández.

CHARACTERISTICS A cigar that encapsulates the very essence of Cuba, made using raw materials from the plantations in the Vuelta Arriba and Vuelta Abajo regions.

FLAVOUR Intense and aromatic.


Length 150 mm Ring 16.27 ring
Guantanamera Cristales
4,50 BGN  
Length 134 mm Ring 15 ring
Guantanamera Decimos
15,00 BGN  
Length 104 mm Ring 17 ring
Guantanamera Minutos
9,50 BGN  
Length 112 mm Ring 7.60 ring
Guantanamera Puritos
8,50 BGN  
Length 82 mm Ring 7.6 ring
Guantanamera Mini
22,00 BGN  
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