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The most premium line of the brand

VF 1998 is the new line of aged cigars from VegaFina which completes its portfolio and commemorates, with its name, the year of creation of the brand.

Created as its most premium line, VF 1998 offers cigars hand-made with tobacco leaves carefully selected and aged for at least 3 years. A delicate process as a result of the thorough work of the Grupo de Maestros of Tabacalera de García, the factory located in the Dominican town of La Romana.


VF 1998 proposes a sophisticated blend in which the aging process provides the cigar with a unique and balanced character that is recognisable by its intense aroma and refined and rich flavour full of nuances, which represents a step forward in the complexity level of the brand.

It is presented in three trendy vitolas whose names make reference to the cigar ring gauges: VF 50; VF 52 and VF 54.

A premium image

Another flagship of VF 1998 is its image, which combines modernity and tradition. Every material - the cigar band, the cintillo, the dressed box - is printed in a textured heavy-weight paper, which provides the line with an exclusive personality. Each detail of the printing has been cared for the utmost, especially the wax seal effect on the acronym “VF”, a true hallmark of the line.  In addition to its powerful cigar band, the cigar also has an elegant black cintillo with the date of birth of the brand.


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