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875,00 BGN
Romeo y Julieta , Sobresalientes, 153 mm, 53 ring, Waiting list
  Romeo y Julieta Capuletos (ring gauge 53 x 153 mm long). Capuletos introduces the “Sobresalientes” factory vitola in the market, a new one in...

360,00 BGN
Montecristo, Waiting list
Montecristo Dantés (48 ring gauge by 167 mm length). This is a heavy to medium ring gauge Habano, with an elegant format and medium to full strength...

38,00 BGN
Bolivar, Duke, 140 mm, 54 ring, Full
With the large ring of 54, lenght of 140 mm and dark shades, Bolivar Soberano makes a strong impression. The Duke format is known and established by...

98,00 BGN
Cohiba, Robusto Extra , 154 mm, 54 ring, Medium to full
Cohiba Talismán (54 ring gauge x 154 mm length) is a heavy ring gauge Habano , in line with the brand’s latest launches and is distinguished by a...

38,00 BGN
Romeo y Julieta , Grand Corona , 168 mm, 49 ring, Medium to full
Habanos Limited Editions are highly appreciated and awaited by enthusiasts every year. They main characteristic is that their vitolas are not included in...

23,00 BGN
H. Upmann, MAREVA GRUESA, 120 mm, 46 ring, Light to medium
Presented in unique polished boxes containing 25 cigars (120mm) x 46 ring gauge, the   Propios (v itola de galera: Mareva Gruesa ).  ...

650,00 BGN
Punch, Hermoso Especial, 120 mm, 48 ring, Medium
Punch Regios de Punch (48 ring gauge x 120 mm length). This vitola (“Hermoso Especial”), also new in the Habanos portfolio, completes Punch’s traditional...

900,00 BGN
Partagas , 138 mm, 52 ring, Medium to full, Waiting list
Partagás Series No 1 (52 ring gauge x 138 mm length). For the very first time, the vitola de galera “Noblezas” is launched with Series No 1, completely...

1 100,00 BGN
Montecristo, MONTESCO, 130 mm, 55 ring, New, Waiting list
The limited series are long-awaited special productions of Habanos, which are presented annually. They are called limited because they are not present in...
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